Road Safety Knowledge and Data

SaferAfrica works to develop a Pan-African Road Safety Data and Knowledge Centre, effectively working as a Road Safety Observatory. The aim is to support policy makers and stakeholders with evidence of critical risk factors and identification of related actions and good practices on the basis of high-quality data and knowledge.

The Observatory is based on international experiences such as the European Road Safety Observatory (ERSO) and calibrated on the specific needs of African stakeholders and sub-regions, as well as to specific road safety problems.

Starting from a detailed collection and assessment of existing data in African countries, the Road Safety Observatory is committed to conduct a large-scale survey to be distributed to national and international road safety authorities and organizations, with a view to collect road safety data, namely: collection systems and basic definitions, fatality data, exposure data and safety performance data.

An analysis system will be put in place to estimate usable indicators, develop an evidence base for the problems at stake, map the critical areas and challenges in every African region and identify risk factors.

The Road Safety Observatory web-based portal will be soon accessible.  Knowledge and management tools, such as statistics, reports, fact sheets, knowledge resources and links are at stakeholder disposal through the portal.

The Road Safety Observatory is a networking platform through which stakeholders and end users may contact experts, submit their own questions or data and exchange knowledge and experiences.