01/03/2018 - "Road Safety School Sikasso": a new project by “Les Amis de la Route” to train 1000 students in Mali

On 24th of February, the project “Road Safety School Sikasso” - led by the association “Les Amis de la Route” - kicked off in Mali. 

The project aims to train 1000 students on road safety, running from February to March 2018.
Twenty schools will be involved: each of them with fifty students: twenty-five girls and twenty-five boys. The training will take place during four sessions including theoretical as well as practical ones.

More than 85,000 children are killed or injured each year on African roads.
The Region of Sikasso
, located in the South of Mali, is one of the poorest parts of the country. The city of Sikasso has a high number of illiterate people, estimated at around 78% of the population, with a consequent lack of control of the road code by road users, most of whom come from the youth area.

In this context, the Association “Les Amis de la Route” has created specific "clubs" in the schools, aimed at implementing training and awareness actions on road safety. These clubs also serve as a communication link between the Association, schools, teachers, students and parents.

“Les Amis de la Route” works to raise awareness and inform the population of the urban municipality of Sikasso about the dangers of road traffic, holding a specific focus on the situation of drivers of tractors and motorcycles with no license. In doing so, the Association is searching the collaboration of companies, administrations, NGOs, Foundations and patrons in order to establish partnerships.

“Les Amis de la Route” is one of the stakeholders engaging with the SaferAfrica Dialogue Platform.