Capacity building and training

Capacity building is at the very core of Safer Africa approach. Assessing training needs and developing related capacity building programs is one of the main objective of the project, with a view to improve road safety in African countries.

Based on the needs of specific training on road safety at the university level highlighted by African experts and starting from existing training courses and curricula already in place, SaferAfrica works to design dedicated and well targeted activities and to provide modules and tools for efficient training at university level according to the “train-the-trainers approach”, as well as promoting capacity building of technicians and decisions makers.

Replications of European training courses, such as Delft Road Safety Courses, CEMAC road safety week, master’s degree on road safety developed in the BE-SAFE project, are examples of actions to be performed to get to the objective: increase the local capacity on road safety and traffic management related issues. 

SaferAfrica is committed to make all the training materials available to the road safety community through both this website and the African Road Safety Observatory.

With a view to strengthen the Capacity Building effort, Twining Programs are planned to take place during the project life time.